ThaniFoods is the trademark of natural and organic food from our extensive and abundant biodiversity.


At ThaniFoods, we strive to provide you with food products of the highest quality, which preserved its nutrients and functionality for your everyday nutritional bear, in gastronomy, massive use and more!

Organic Product

Three Macas is made with organic maca with designation of origin:

Peru - Junín - Pasco. completely natural without synthetic additives.

We Support and Promote Permaculture, permaculture are multiple agricultural activities, looking for the responsible and sustainable use of our natural and cultural resources.

Scientific Basis

If you are looking for more traditional information and study scientists about Maca and its important functional qualities we invite you to review the following research. (Only in Spanish)

Traditional use of Maca

From thousands of years ago the maca was produced and consumed as a super food by the inhabitants of the ancient Peru. They took advantage of the important nutritional and functional qualities of maca, among which are:

(1) Energizing and Natural Invigorating,

(2) Combat Fatigue and Stress,

(3) Promoter of Libido,

(4) Qualities Antioxidants,

(5) Flattering of Hormonal Regulation.

Three Macas is made from three ecotypes of maca (black, red and golden maca) gelatinized, organic or toasted ingredients that act as an adjuvant in strengthening and physical vitality, increasing libido male and female, as well as other functions.

Maca and its different ecotypes are a valuable food with important nutritional and functional qualities; the main ones include: calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, macaenes, macamides (polyunsaturated fatty acids), Glucosinolates and phytosterols.

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